Category: FAQs – The Cost

  • How much does an Overland Water Endorsement cost?

    The cost of adding an Overland Water Endorsement to your home, condo or tenant’s insurance policy depends primarily on your dwelling’s location. Just like your standard home insurance policy, rates are calculated based on your risk for an insurance claim. If you reside in a high risk flooding area, your rates will most likely be…

  • Do I need both sewer back-up coverage and overland water coverage?

    Yes, you will need both endorsements on your policy to be fully covered for water events. Sewer Back-up and Overland Water Endorsements work together to provide you with comprehensive coverage. After the floods of 2013, many insurance companies placed tighter guidelines and increased exclusions on sewer back-up coverage. One major exclusion, for example, is that…

  • How would I make an overland water claim?

    Once you have added Overland Water Coverage to your insurance policy, you will be given a phone number for a claims hotline that is available 24-7 for your convenience. A claims representative will walk you through the process at that time.