Is my home at risk for water damage?

The climate is changing and we are seeing an increase in precipitation from coast to coast. These changing weather patterns can sometimes result in water damage to your home. Water damage caused by flooding can be expensive and stressful. Flooding in Alberta is primarily caused by:

  • Snow melt
  • Rainfall
  • Ice jams

As we saw in 2013 – saturated ground, snow melts, large amounts of rainfall and wind can be disastrous. Calgary experienced 16 hours of heavy rainfall just before the 2013 floods! In fact, on June 20th, Calgary had a record-breaking rainfall of 45 mm falling in one day. The June floods also evolved quickly because there was still snow in the mountains late in the spring and the ground was frozen. When the rain began, it caused rapid melting and the soil became saturated and could no longer absorb excess moisture. With nowhere to go, the water moved overland and eroded new channels. The Insurance Bureau of Canada stated that the 2013 flooding in Alberta was the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history.

Other common types of water damage:

  • Burst pipes and hot water tanks
  • Sewer back-up and back-up of drainage systems
  • Pipe ruptures (e.g.: dishwasher hose, washing machines etc.)

The areas affected most by flooding and water damage seem to be basements. Here are some common reasons people have water trouble in their homes:

  • Failure of sump pump
  • Failure of hot water heaters
  • Failure of weeping tiles
  • Blocked connection between your home & your main sewer
  • Back-up of waste water in sewer system
  • Overflowing of eaves trough
  • Poor drainage on your lot
  • A leak/crack in your basements foundation

There are measures you can take to help prevent the extent of damage caused by water.

Stay tuned for our next blog on tips for preventing water damage!